Patrice Bernier Role Model Canada

The multifaceted man

An outstanding sportsman, a remarkable human being, a dedicated father, an inspiring role model.
He is simply Patrice Bernier.

In the press



@byjuliapoe on @OrlandoCitySC
@MLSist on @dcunited
@pbernier10 on @clubdefootmtl
@victoraraiza on @HoustonDynamo
@benwright on @NashvilleSC

Hoping that @DelmyBarillas (she's got both sides of LA covered, great follow) sees her DMs. It's early PT!

Andrew Wiebe@andrew_wiebe

Prepare to be outraged.

The @MLS Power Rankings drop at 11 am ET, and we’re going to be reacting/talking all 27 teams with special guests (or maybe you’ll request to speak) on @MattDoyle76’s handle.

Qu’est-ce qui arrive au football européen? 🤔
A-t-on vraiment pris en considération toutes les implications de cette « Super Ligue » surtout les acteurs principaux, joueurs et entraîneurs ?

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