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Empowering Tommorow’s Champions

At the Patrice Bernier Foundation, We believe learning through sport develops important life skills for youth in all walks of life. We prioritize offering diverse sports opportunities, ensuring easy access in safe and respectful community environments.

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Creating Active and Joyful Futures

We aspire to inspire future generations towards active and joyful lifestyles, recognizing the profound impact of physical activity on both body and mind. In our communities, we provide opportunities for children to learn, grow, and have fun through sports and recreational activities.

Patrice exemplifies the transformative power of participating in multiple sports, underscoring their importance in shaping his career and personal growth.

Our Sponsors

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Our Partners

GOAL Foundation provides sports equipment to youth in need, bringing smiles to children in difficult situations.
Aléo Foundation empowers student-athletes through scholarships
Ali Gerba Foundation mentors youth in sports, guiding them to become soccer players and leaders


Project Bright Minds

A mentoring initiative connecting experienced professionals with underprivileged students, fostering educational and career development

Healthy Futures Initiative

Providing nutritious meals, healthcare, and wellness programs to empower low-income families for a healthier future

Skills for Success

Offering vocational training and skill development workshops, equipping unemployed youth with essential skills for meaningful employment opportunities

Upcoming Events

Goal for Good Tournament

A spirited soccer tournament uniting teams and communities to raise funds for our charity’s initiatives, promoting sportsmanship and social impact

Kick-Off for Change Clinic

A soccer skills clinic and awareness event empowering underprivileged youth, providing training sessions and highlighting the positive influence of sports in transforming lives


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